ViaLuce is a collection of outdoor equipment and luminaires for private or public areas. It meets lighting needs that are currently unfulfilled by standard equipment :

  • Pedestrian or cycling paths;
  • Parks, public areas, garden or parking where access to the electrical grid is difficult or expensive;
  • Sports fields or road far from a power grid;
  • Any other areas with difficult access to the power grid.

ViaLuce is :

Discreet :
  • A grazing light that illuminates the ground;
  • No light pollution;
  • No glare;
  • At rest, there is only a 0.3W LED that indicates the path in a discreet manner and once it detects the presence of a pedestrian, cyclist or other vehicle, the system powers 100% of the luminaires lighting.

Compact & resistant :
  • Everything is contained within a 20cm equilateral triangle: source, optical block, detector, battery, solar panels, electronic ...;
  • ViaLuce collection presents itself in the landscape as discrete vertical lines ;
  • With an IK10, the models are very resistant to impacts.

Smart :
  • With presence detection and communication, it allows high energy saving up to 80%;
  • From a computer...the energy consumption, any breakdown, the number of passages and the operational condition of each device;
  • It is an ideal product for Smartcity
Sustainable :
  • The entire device is powered by solar panels. It is entirely green energy and fully autonomous and ‘off the grid’;
  • The intelligent systems, specific optics and high-performance LEDs allow for long lighting time;
  • The structure is 100% aluminum, so 100% recyclable.
Interactive :
  • ViaLuce is equipped with sensors, communication means and a micro-computer. Through their continuous communication, they can determine if a user is present and its characteristics. These modules can then coordinate themselves to implement the light wave;
  • It is possible to place a GSM data module (optional) in an element to retrieve the data of a group (with a maximum distance between different modules of 50m).

ViaLuce with 4 types of lighting :

  • Very low lighting source at 30 cm from the ground to be placed every 2 / 5m (ViaDwarf): for the gardens;
  • Low lighting source at 60 cm from the ground to be placed every 10/15 m (ViaGarden): for garden and park;
  • Average lighting source at 1m from the ground (ViaPath) to be placed every 25/30 m: for roads and small roads;
  • High lighting source at 4 to 20 m (ViaRoad) from the ground: for streets or roads.

ViaLuce is 8 types of luminaires :

  • ViaGrid : simple luminaire with no other function;
  • ViaRadar : llight which lights up with the infrared detection and the photocell;
  • ViaSmart : luminaire which communicates its data, programmable and controllable;
  • ViaSmartRadar : luminaire that combines the functions of a ViaSmart and a ViaRadar;
  • ViaSolar : solar-powered luminaire with no other function;
  • ViaSolar Radar : solar-powered luminaire that lights up with sensing and photocell;
  • ViaSolar Smart : solar energy light which communicates its data, programmable and controllable;
  • ViaSolar SmartRadar : solar-powered luminaire that combines the functions of ViaSolar Radar and ViaSolar Smart

ViaLuce have 4 other solar équipement :

  • ViaSource : a solar power plant for ViaRadar or other facilities which needs a power supply;
  • ViaInterphone : an IP interphone with own source of energy (solar panels) and his batterie;
  • ViaVideo : a IP camera system with its own source of energy (solar panels) and battery;
  • ViaFear : an outdoor security solar system. It includes a blinding LED projector, a camera and a loudspeaker.



Benefits of ViaLuce :

  • Installation cost less than or equivalent to that of conventional lighting;
  • No external power supply needed;
  • No electricity bill;
  • No need to trench or destroy existing garden or construction;
  • Discreet and fits well to the environment;
  • During installation, the self-cleaning solar panels can take any direction.

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